Clegg Predicts 'Good Opportunity' for Medical Marijuana in 2009

Do you support or oppose changing the law in New Hampshire to allow seriously and terminally ill patients to use and grow medical marijuana for personal use if their doctors recommend it?

If you said "yes," you are in good company. A poll conducted in April by Mason and Dixon Polling and Research, Inc., found that 71% of New Hampshire voters are now in favor of medical marijuana reform.

Even Republicans?

New Hampshire Republican voters favor medical marijuana reform by a 56% to 32% margin (12% undecided). 87% of Democrats and 72% of independents agree, and only 21% of NH voters want to continue arresting seriously and terminally ill patients for marijuana.

Will all this public support translate into legislative success for medical marijuana in 2009? One top Republican legislator and candidate for U.S. Congress says he thinks so. In a June 8 appearance on the cable show "Capitol Access," State Senator Bob Clegg (R-Hudson) was asked about HB 1623, a bill reducing penalties for minor marijuana possession which passed the House this year but was swept under a rug by the Senate. Clegg explained that he had tried to work out a compromise on the bill (which enjoyed support by a less overwhelming majority of voters, 53% to 34%, than medical marijuana reform), but that Senate Democrats had decided it was more important to protect the governor than address the issue. "I would say that next year... that would have a good opportunity, at least for medical marijuana," he added.

The short clip can be viewed here.

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