House Committee Votes 16-2 in Favor of Marijuana Decriminalization!

HB 1653 has been recommended "ought to pass" by the House Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee by a surprising 16-2 margin (read the Eagle Tribune's story here).  If this bill becomes law, possession of 1/4 ounce or less of marijuana will be a violation instead of the current Class A misdemeanor, with a fixed penalty of $200, no threat of incarceration, and no criminal record generated.

As you may recall, a bill very similar to this passed the House 193-141 in 2008.  What you might not remember is that the 2008 bill was rejected by this same committee in a 13-5 vote, so this is a clear sign of progress!

Check back for updates -- we'll be asking you to contact your representatives about this bill very soon!

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