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"Decrim," "Tax-and-Regulate" Bills Will Have Public Hearings Jan. 20!

Although we chose to focus exclusively on the medical marijuana issue in 2009, we have always believed that the prohibition of marijuana causes far more problems for society than marijuana itself could ever cause.  If you also believe that marijuana should be decriminalized or perhaps taxed and regulated, or if you are just curious and want to hear more about these issues, there will be hearings on two such bills next Wednesday, Jan. 20:

Vote on Bad DUI Bill Scheduled for Jan. 13!

You might remember that last January we opposed two bills that offered to expand DUI laws.  The more nefarious of those two bills was unanimously killed, but the second, HB 665, was retained by the House Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee for further study.  To our surprise, the committee voted this fall to recommend HB 665 “ought to pass” in a 9-7 vote.  This bill will be voted on by the full House of Representatives Wednesday, Jan. 13 (the Jan. 7 vote was postponed), and we need to send a clear message to legislators that this bill should NOT be passed.

Medical Marijuana Passes NH Senate!

Learn more at, where you can also see our new tv ad featuring MS patient Sandra Drew (a retired nurse).


Union-Leader Endorses Medical Marijuana Bill

Visit for this and other news about HB 648, which passed the House 234-138 and is now in the Senate!


Laconia Citizen: "Pros and cons of medical marijuana debated at Laconia forum"

The March 16 medical marijuana forum at Lakes Region Community College was a great opportunity for the public to hear from both sides.  Here's the resulting article from The Laconia Citizen, and here's video of the hour-long event:

Part 1
Part 2

Telegraph LTE: Panel right to reject drugged-driving bill

(This LTE was published March 15 in the Nashua Telegraph.)

In this era of negative politics, it’s good form to applaud legislators when they do something right.

Parents Should Ditch Kids, Hang out with Cops?

When I read this article in the Concord Monitor about how zero parents attended a drug forum in Bow, I was amazed at the author's apparent confusion... had to write this LTE:  

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