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Free Minds TV Interviews Van Wickler

This was a great segment by our friends at Keene Free Minds TV!  Interviews with Superintendent Richard Van Wickler of L.E.A.P. and Matt Simon of NH Common Sense.

Excellent Editorial in the Monitor, 4/1

Hypocrisy is message we need to avoid

Marijuana laws beg for cynical response

by Ted Barnes

The "wrong message" to send to any teenager, to any child, is hypocrisy. It turns them cynical and makes them disrespect the law, when trusted adults evade reality for the sake of political concerns.

More Common Sense in the Nashua Telegraph

OPED: Pot Bill an Education for This Man's Daughter

Carl Hedberg -- March 20, 2008

When I ventured up to Concord earlier this year to testify in favor of decriminalizing marijuana in the state, I invited my 12-year-old daughter to come along. She and her sister are home-schooled, and it seemed like an excellent opportunity for a civics lesson.

Video of Rep. Jason Bedrick's Floor Speech

For those of you who missed the March 18 floor fight and vote, I'm editing and posting bits of it as time allows. This speech by Rep. Bedrick was outstanding and very persuasive!

Concord Monitor Says House Was Right to Pass HB 1623

Today (3/20) we received another awesome endorsement from the major media, this time from the Concord Monitor! More info will be posted soon on how we will be approaching the Governor and the Senate, so stay tuned!

WMUR Says No to Drugs

I didn't see it myself, but I've gotten a few panicked calls from people who watched WMUR last week to hear Scott Spradling announce that a marijuana bill had been defeated. They thought the popular marijuana reform bill, HB 1623, had gone down in an unexpected "surprise" vote of the New Hampshire House.

More Good Ink: The Boston Globe

From the Boston Globe, Feb. 24:

Matt Simon, executive director of the New Hampshire Coalition for Common Sense Marijuana Policy, said it was clear from the House committee's actions this month that legislators "are becoming increasingly concerned about the unintended consequences of marijuana prohibition."

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