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Why we fight over marijuana policy

Got a few things off my chest with my latest blog at Plus, this is a really good article in the Eagle Tribune, yet another police officer speaking out!


"Political Chowder" Serves up a Bowl of Common Sense Marijuana Policy

Share this 18 minute clip from Arnie Arnesen's "Political Chowder" with your friends! Arnie discusses HB 1623 with Superintendent Rick Van Wickler (Law Enforcement Against Prohibition) and the bill sponsors, Rep. Jeff Fontas and Rep. Andy Edwards.  This show aired Feb. 3.

An Open Letter to Barack Obama about Marijuana

Dear Senator Obama,

I was one of many voters who applauded Senator Chris Dodd last fall for advocating that marijuana be decriminalized. Accordingly, I was one of many voters who was disappointed to see you raise your hand in the Oct. 30 MSNBC debate, indicating that you did not agree with Dodd's common sense position.

Concord Monitor: Marijuana ban failing just as Prohibition did

by Matt Simon, Jan. 30

The hearing on HB 1623, the bill to reduce penalties for marijuana possession, made for some interesting drama in the House Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee.

Police Chiefs Would Consider Prohibiting Alcohol?

Hard to believe, but Berlin Police Chief Peter Morency actually said it at the Jan. 22 hearing on HB 1623. Morency, president of the New Hampshire Association of Chiefs of Police, was testifying on behalf of his association in opposition to the bill, which would reduce penalties for possessing less than 1.25 ounces of marijuana.

Prison Superintendent Speaks in Favor of HB 1623!

This was an exceptionally strong bit of testimony from Superintendent Richard Van Wickler of the Cheshire County Department of Corrections. Van Wickler is the latest member of the New Hampshire law enforcement and criminal justice community to join Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (L.E.A.P.).

Telegraph Endorses HB 1623!

This is an excellent development, an endorsement from the Nashua Telegraph!

HB 1623 in the News, Plus Video from the Hearing!

Lots of good media Wednesday following a very successful hearing:

Nashua Telegraph: "Lawmakers weigh easing rules on pot"

Concord Monitor: "Bills would lessen penalties for marijuana"

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