"Study Bill" Passes House in Uncontested Voice Vote!

I'm happy to report that HB 1373, a bill “establishing a committee to study the effects of current state and federal laws on illegal drugs and the possession and use of such drugs,” passed the House today on a voice vote.  This means that none of the bill's few opponents even bothered to insist on a counted "division" vote, let alone a recorded "roll call" vote.  It's a good step forward that even the enemies of marijuana policy reform are willing to go along with the idea of deeper study of drug laws by the legislature.  Thanks to all who contacted their representatives in support of this bill!

We certainly hope the Senate will be as accommodating as the House, but in reality it will require another great hearing and another strong showing of support.  When this bill is scheduled for its hearing in the Senate, we will certainly let you know.

Our next focus will be on passing HB 1653 (“decriminalizing less than ¼ ounce of marijuana”) through the full House by as large a margin as possible.  This vote could take place as soon as March 3, so there will be a request for action on that issue very soon.

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