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From the "Marijuana is Safer than Alcohol" Department...

Any person driving past the giant state liquor store on I-93 sees a large yellow banner encouraging motorists to stop and spend some of their hard-earned cash on booze.  If you live in New Hampshire, you've seen it: "Tax-Free Savings! Stock up and Save!"

Those who stopped by the northbound liquor store between 4:00 and 6:00  August 20 were also invited to consume a strong dose of information.  Congratulations to the "Shire Activists" (whatever that means exactly) for sharing some very compelling perspectives outside the liquor store.  Video is here.

Videos of Senate Candidates Jim Bender and Ovide Lamontagne

The newly edited video of Jim Bender's medical marijuana answer is here.

The newly edited video of Ovide Lamontagne's answer is here.

Our Voter Guide will be published soon.  If you'd like to volunteer some time this election season, please email Matt@NHCommonsense.org and let us know where you are located.  Thanks!


Senate candidates Jim Bender and Ovide Lamontagne answer a disabled veteran's question on medical marijuana

Thank you, Tony, for serving your country for 22 years, and for having the courage to speak out on medical marijuana.  Former AG Kelly Ayotte should have been in Sandown Wednesday evening to answer your question, but she must have been too tired after attending the D.A.R.E. Classic and rubbing elbows with the state police that afternoon.

Lynch signs "Drug War Study Bill"

On June 28, Governor Lynch signed HB 1373, which creates a committee of 5 legislators to study the effects of state and federal drug laws on New Hampshire.  Congrats to the sponsors, Rep. Joel Winters (D-Manchester) and Rep. Paul Ingbretson (R-Haverhill), and to all who worked to make this victory possible!

CNBC Special Report: "Marijuana and Money"

This is a collection of articles you won't want to miss!  Some great stuff over at CNBC.com.

Eagle Tribune Reports on "Decrim" Vote

The Eagle Tribune published this report on the Senate Judiciary Committee's vote against HB 1653.

Op-ed in Foster's Daily Democrat: "Prohibiting marijuana is not the answer"

The Dover-based Foster's Daily Democrat was the only newspaper in NH to editorialize against the medical marijuana bill last year, so it was no great surprise to see them come out in support of Gov. Lynch's promise to veto the "decrim" bill.  Their March 18 editorial, "Legalizing pot is not the answer," was pretty bad, but they should be commended for publishing this response today: "Prohibiting marijuana is not the answer."

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