Van Wickler Blasts Prohibition on "NH Outlook"

A great discussion of marijuana policy reform aired this week on New Hampshire Public Television, featuring Rick Van Wickler, Superintendent of the Cheshire County Dept. of Corrections, who appeared on behalf of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition.  He was joined on the set by Matt Simon of NH Common Sense, Assistant Attorney General Karin Eckel, and Enfield Police Chief Richard Crate.  Click here to watch!

"Study Bill" Passes House in Uncontested Voice Vote!

I'm happy to report that HB 1373, a bill “establishing a committee to study the effects of current state and federal laws on illegal drugs and the possession and use of such drugs,” passed the House today on a voice vote.  This means that none of the bill's few opponents even bothered to insist on a counted "division" vote, let alone a recorded "roll call" vote.

House Committee Votes 16-2 in Favor of Marijuana Decriminalization!

HB 1653 has been recommended "ought to pass" by the House Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee by a surprising 16-2 margin (read the Eagle Tribune's story here).  If this bill becomes law, possession of 1/4 ounce or less of marijuana will be a violation instead of the current Class A misdemeanor, with a fixed penalty of $200, no threat of incarceration, and no criminal record generated.

House Will Vote Wednesday on Whether or Not to Study Drug Policy Issues

The NH House of Representatives will vote Wednesday, Feb. 10 (***postponed, vote now expected Feb. 17) on HB 1373, a bill which seeks to create a study committee that would look more closely at the effects of state and federal drug laws on NH.  Here are the details:

Should NH Choose Reefer Madness or Common Sense?

Another video from the Jan. 20 hearings:

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