Congratulations, Massachussetts and Michigan!

Two historic ballot initiatives were successful in the Nov. 4 election.  The airwaves in Massachussetts and Michigan were blitzed by ridiculous attack ads from the drug warriors, but voters tuned out the noise and passed two major reforms.

NH Marijuana Policy Voter Guide

There are many issues which matter to voters on Election Day, and while marijuana policy is not likely to be an individual's number one issue, it has certainly been established as an issue that voters ask about and care about.  This guide will provide a brief overview of where candidates on New Hampshire ballots stand on marijuana policy reform:

Marijuana Policy Presidential Video Voter Guide

This video from the Marijuana Policy Project provides a synopsis of where Barack Obama, John McCain, Bob Barr, Ralph Nader, and Cynthia McKinney stand on drug and marijuana policy. Definitely worth a look!


Where do Candidates Stand?

We've had a pretty good response from the surveys we sent to candidates, and of course, we know how all the incumbents voted on HB774 (medical marijuana) and HB 1623 (reducing penalties) in 2007-2008.  Email and tell us what town you live in -- we will be happy to tell you which candidates in your area support marijuana reform!

Is David Orde Really A Criminal?

from and the Nashua Telegraph:

David Orde, the friendly farmer who runs Lull Farm in Hollis, faces possible felony charges for growing 16 marijuana plants at his house.  When confronted by police, he responded with a flinty New Hampshire-style defiance that has resonated with sympathizers across the state: "Yes, I’m not going to hang my head in shame; I smoke a little pot," the investigating detective reported him saying.

Live Free or Die Rally a Success!

Hundreds of curious New Hampshire residents attended the 3rd Annual Live Free or Die Rally in Jaffrey Aug. 26.  Many stopped by this table and spoke with either Phillip Allen Coan (left) or Matt Simon (right) about marijuana policy reform.

Matt and Phil manning the table

Clegg Predicts 'Good Opportunity' for Medical Marijuana in 2009

Do you support or oppose changing the law in New Hampshire to allow seriously and terminally ill patients to use and grow medical marijuana for personal use if their doctors recommend it?

If you said "yes," you are in good company. A poll conducted in April by Mason and Dixon Polling and Research, Inc., found that 71% of New Hampshire voters are now in favor of medical marijuana reform.

Telegraph: Senate just says no to marijuana bill

Kevin Landrigan closed the book on HB 1623 with this article in the May 2 Nashua Telegraph. Pretty much sums it up... :)

Reformers Concede HB 1623 Battle, Celebrate Progress

NH Coalition for Common Sense Marijuana Policy

Concord, NH -- After being rejected by the Senate Judiciary Committee in a 4-0 vote last Thursday, HB 1623 was defeated this afternoon in a voice vote by the full Senate. The bill, which would have reduced the penalty for possessing less than a quarter ounce of marijuana, had been marked for death since it received a rare veto threat from Governor Lynch following passage by the House.

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