NHPR: The Mellowing of Marijuana Laws

"The Exchange" is a very influential hour-long program on New Hampshire Public Radio, and the effort to reduce marijuana penalties was featured Friday, April 25 in a show called "The Mellowing of Marijuana Laws," guest-hosted by Richard Ager. Matt Simon of NH Common Sense and Chief Richard Crate of the Enfield Police Department were in studio for the show, joined by call-in guests Rep. Jeff Fontas, Sen. Lou D'Allesandro, and LEAP's Richard Van Wickler. Enjoy!


Great Hearing Coverage on Free Minds TV

Toby and Nick did a super job covering the April 22 hearing, lots of good video and analysis!

Hearing Video Posted

Thanks to "Biker" Bill for this!

4/20 -- Sunday Poll Coverage!

Top statehouse reporters Tom Fahey and Kevin Landrigan covered HB 1623 in their Sunday columns and mentioned our favorable poll results. Here's Fahey's mention in the Union-Leader:

Edwards told us "the hardest thing for us has been the fact that the governor and majority leader wanted to end the conversation before it even started."

Poll: NH Voters Support Easing Marijuana Penalties

NH Coalition for Common Sense Marijuana Policy

CONCORD, NEW HAMPSHIRE — A clear majority of New Hampshire voters favor legislation to reduce the penalties for the possession of small amounts of marijuana for personal use, according to a recent poll. The poll of 625 registered voters was conducted by telephone April 7 to 8 by Mason-Dixon Research for the Marijuana Policy Project and NH Coalition for Common Sense Marijuana Policy.

4/13 - Great "NH Outlook" Coverage!

This 8 minute segment for NH Public Television (opens in RealPlayer) is a must-watch. NH Outlook's Richard Ager interviewed Gov. Lynch, Sen. Foster, Rep. Bedrick, Rep. Tholl, Rep. Fontas, a judge, and a bunch of college students, but the story is focused on a very courageous individual by the name of Sam Peret. Share it with your friends and family! (Seriously, this clip would be a great introduction to HB 1623 for that family member you've been afraid of approaching.)


Free Minds TV Interviews Van Wickler

This was a great segment by our friends at Keene Free Minds TV!  Interviews with Superintendent Richard Van Wickler of L.E.A.P. and Matt Simon of NH Common Sense.

Excellent Editorial in the Monitor, 4/1

Hypocrisy is message we need to avoid

Marijuana laws beg for cynical response

by Ted Barnes

The "wrong message" to send to any teenager, to any child, is hypocrisy. It turns them cynical and makes them disrespect the law, when trusted adults evade reality for the sake of political concerns.

More Common Sense in the Nashua Telegraph

OPED: Pot Bill an Education for This Man's Daughter

Carl Hedberg -- March 20, 2008

When I ventured up to Concord earlier this year to testify in favor of decriminalizing marijuana in the state, I invited my 12-year-old daughter to come along. She and her sister are home-schooled, and it seemed like an excellent opportunity for a civics lesson.

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