Former Senator Boyce Takes "Pot-Shot" at NH Common Sense

NH Coalition for Common Sense Marijuana Policy

In a Jan. 8 blog post entitled "Dirty tricks in the NH primary?", former Republican State Senator Robert Boyce insinuated that the New Hampshire Coalition for Common Sense Marijuana Policy (NH Common Sense) might be responsible for conducting illegal push-polls.

Of the push-polls, Boyce wrote: "The callers direct people to a web site which does not exist, the closest match is which is a pro marijuana group. Now they do not like Huckabee and there is even a libertarian web site that mentions that group in an article criticizing Huckabee supporter Sen. Bob Clegg."

NH Common Sense Executive Director Matt Simon, who also writes a regular blog for the multi-partisan website, said he presumes Boyce was referring to this Sept. 14 article which defends Ron Paul against Senator Clegg's assertion that the ten-term Congressman is "un-American." He also pointed out that although NH Common Sense advocates for ending Marijuana Prohibition, the organization does not endorse or encourage the use of marijuana. "Just as non-drinkers and even former prohibitionists were essential in bringing about an end to Alcohol Prohibition, non-smokers will be essential to ending the failed and foolish prohibition of marijuana," Simon explained.

Boyce's tone in the ensuing paragraphs may allow him to claim he was simply making a joke. He pointed out that NH Common Sense produced a report card ranking the presidential primary candidates, and suggested the results were biased in favor of Paul. However, when Simon, who was named in the article, attempted to post a polite comment correcting some of Boyce's factual errors, Boyce (or his moderator) refused to post the comment and deleted Simon's account not once but twice.

Simon learned of Boyce's blog from fellow blogger Richard Barnes, who posted this article: NHInsider's Own Matt Simon Named in Conspiracy Theory.

The full text of Simon's attempted comment at is pasted below.

* * * * * * *

Dear Sen. Boyce,

For clarity, I wish you had seen fit to provide a link to my Dec. 20 article making light of this non-association:

But anyway, thank you for promoting to your conservative readership. I expect most of your readers are very familiar with the U.S. Constitution, and they understand that if New Hampshire passed a medical marijuana law, the federal government would have no business arresting state-approved, seriously ill patients who have been recommended marijuana by their doctors. This has nothing to do with marijuana and everything to do with our Constitutional system of government.

And yet that's what's been happening in the 12 states which have passed laws to protect seriously ill patients. A few months after 9/11, the federal government began targeting and arresting medical marijuana patients in defiance of these state laws. And when New Mexico began implementing its medical marijuana program this summer, the Bush administration threatened to arrest the state employees who would be administering the program. Talk about compassionate conservatism!

Most Republican voters I talk to understand that the federal government is limited in what it can and can't do by the Constitution. But the five "Fox-approved" candidates refuse to acknowledge Constitutional limits on federal authority. That's why they _earned_ F's (and a D-) on our report card. Ron Paul _earned_ an A+ because (as a physician and a student of history and economics) he understands that Prohibition policy causes far more problems than it solves. And finally, (you failed to mention this) Republican Tom Tancredo _earned_ a C because although he does not support medical marijuana, he has spoken and voted consistently against the unconstitutional raids in medical marijuana states.

I look forward to continuing this essential dialogue. Thank you for opening the conversation.

Yours Truly,

Matt Simon
NH Coalition for Common Sense Marijuana Policy

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